Setapp lowers the fee for additional devices to make it more affordable to use iOS apps

Setapp has lowered its device activation fee to make it more affordable to start using a selection of newly added iOS apps on an iPhone and iPad with your Setapp subscription.

Setapp, the Mac app subscription service, recently announced support for iOS apps. People can now install and use premium iOS apps included in their all-you-can-eat subscription.

However, the user must register their iPhone or iPad as an additional device on their Setapp subscription plan. The catch is, adding a new device to a Setapp subscription plan costs five bucks per month. That’s not a problem if you use Setapp on just one device, like an iPhone or a Mac (all new regular and student Setapp users get one device included in their plan).

Some folks have balked at that price, which didn’t go unnoticed with well-known developer MacPaw, which created Setapp. Today, MacPaw lowered their fee for additional devices to make it more affordable for existing subscribers to start enjoying iOS apps.

“As a result of feedback from the Setapp community, today we’re changing the price for additional devices for all Setapp plans to make it more affordable to start using iOS devices with a Setapp subscription,”

The price for each additional device has been decreased from $4.99 to $2.49.

In exchange for a flat fee of ten bucks per month, Setapp provides unlimited access to a curated selection of great Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. Discounts are available for annual, student and family plans. You can try both Mac and iOS apps with Setapp for 7 days free.

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