The impossible architecture game Monument Valley 2 gains a new chapter 4 years after launch

Developer Ustwo Games has added a new chapter to Monument Valley 2, the second installment of its popular impossible architecture puzzle game that launched in June 2017.


  • Monument Valley 2 gains a new chapter after more than four years
  • Entitled “The Lost Forest,” the expansion promotes tree conservation
  • If you’d like to help protect forests, sign a Play4Forests petition

A scene from The Lost Forest level from the Monument Valley 2 game

Monument Valley 2’s new chapter promotes tree conservation

Ustwo Games, the brains behind Monument Valley, made the announcement on Twitter.

“Our brand new chapter for Monument Valley 2 is out now,” it reads. “The Lost Forest is a special chapter we have created to help protect trees, as our contribution to the Playing For The Planet Green Game Jam,” which promotes tree conservation.

The new chapter includes “four intimate scenes”.

From the App Store description of the game:

The Lost Forest is a special chapter we have created to help protect trees, as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam. With these four intimate scenes, we hope to inspire you to sign the Play4Forests petition and declare our shared interest in forest conservation. We hope you enjoy the new update and join us to help preserve our forests!

Developers wouldn’t provide any updates in terms of the third installment to Monument Valley, which Ustwo Games announced in July 2019.

Play Monument Valley if you haven’t already

If you’ve played the Monument Valley games before—if not, you should—you’ll feel right at home in the latest chapter. Beautifully designed, it will keep you glued to the screen with its sharp, stunning graphics, atmospheric sound and challenging puzzles.

Developers hope that the new chapter might inspire environmentally-conscious players to sign a Play4Forests petition to show their interest in forest protection and preservation. For those wondering, Play4Forests is run by the Playing for the Planet Alliance and the United Nations’ climate and forest partnership.

Monument Valley 2 is available on App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac.