Apple says restoring from a backup can cause problems with Apple Music on new iPads and iPhone 13 models

Today is iPhone 13 launch day. (And also iPad mini 6 and iPad 9, too!) And for folks who plan to restore from an iCloud backup to get their new phone up and running, Apple has a bit of a warning: maybe don’t do that. Or, if you do, be prepared for a day-one security update to fix a potential issue.

On launch day, Apple has released a new support document (via MacRumors) detailing why some iPhone 13 owners, and those who picked up the new iPad mini and/or iPad models, may run into an issue using Apple Music on their new device(s). According to the document, if you restore from a backup on one of these new devices, you may run into the inability to access the Apple Music catalog, settings for Apple Music, or even use Sync Library.

The document goes on to say that there is a day-one update available for the new iPhones and iPads, which will fix the issue.

Here’s your list of affected devices, per the document:

Apple says if you’ve restored from a backup and find yourself unable to use Apple Music, then the quickest and easiest fix is to update your device. To do that, open the Settings app –> General –> Software Update and then follow the onscreen instructions to get your device(s) updated. Once that’s done, you should be able to access Apple Music in all its glory.

It doesn’t appear this is an issue for folks who set up their new device(s) without a restoring from a backup.