How to find local points of interest in Apple Maps in a new area

Apple’s Maps app can be a nice tool that can help you find local points of interest in your area. If you’re in a new region, or are planning to move, you can use the Maps app to your advantage.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find local points of interest in Apple Maps.

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How to find points of interest in Apple Maps

Most times, when you’re in a new area, you end up using a map service to find points of interest around you. Say you want to go look at things that are popular near you, or are looking for an ATM, coffee shop, etc. Apple Maps allows you to do this with ease. Here’s how.

1) Launch Apple Maps on your iPhone.

2) Tap on the Search bar and type what you’re looking for.

Search Apple Maps

3) You should get an option to Search Nearby. Tap on the suggestion.

4) Look around the area you’re in to see all the suggested points of interest.

Places of Interest Apple Maps

5) Swipe up to get a detailed list of the points.

You can now tap on a suggestion and navigate to the location. The app will also let you move your location so you can get local points of interests in a region that you’re travelling to. Simply move the location to any region, state, or even a country, and use the Search bar.

With iOS 14 or later, you may use of the Guides feature in Apple Maps to see places of interest around you. However, this will only work if the location has a guide. To find a guide for a city, simply type the name of the city in the Search area and a curated guide should show up.

Wrapping up

Traveling to a new place can frustrating if you don’t know what to do there. With the nifty search feature in Apple Maps, you can quickly find a local point of interest in no time and make your way there. Of course, you can also use other mapping services such as Google Maps, which also offer such features.