How to use curated city guides in Apple Maps

View NYC Curated Guides Maps iPad

When traveling to a major city it’s helpful to know where to go. You may want to indulge in localized cuisine, browse through neighborhood shops, or explore parts of a city you’ve never seen. Starting with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple added useful city guides to the Apple Maps app mix.

These curated guides are designed to help you enjoy your time in the city by showing you the best spots. And the guides are automatically updated with new recommendations all the time, so you’ll always be up to date on new places to check out.

Whether you’re traveling next week or next month, heading to a city for business or pleasure, here’s how to use the curated city guides in Maps.

Curated city guides

With the update to Apple Maps, Apple provides city guides for San Francisco, New York, London, and Los Angeles. So if your next stop is one of these major cities, you’re in luck! But be sure to check for new cities often; hopefully more locations are soon to follow.

Find a guide

To view the guides available, enter one of the above cities into the Search field in the Maps app and then select it from the list.

You’ll see a section toward the top for city’s guides. Swipe to the right within that section to view a few guides or tap See More for all available guides. Tap to view a guide. You can then choose Save Guide, Share, or simply browse through the locations on it.

View Curated Guides Maps iPad

You’ll see a photo, brief description, hours, and a price indicator for the spots in the guide. Tap Find Out More to get additional information on the web and view each location plotted on the map.

If you want to save a particular location within a guide, tap the plus sign. You can save it to an existing guide or create a new one.

SF City Guide Coffee Shop Maps iPad

View your saved guides

Guides that you save are accessible from below your Favorites. On iPhone, swipe up from the bottom and on iPad, swipe down from the search box. You’ll see a section labeled My Guides. You can pick one or tap See All to view your whole collection.

View Saved Guides Maps iPad

Remove saved guides

If you want to remove a curated guide that you saved, select it from My Guides, and tap the Saved button which will revert to a Save Guide button.

To remove more than one guide at time, tap See All below My Guides. Then tap the Edit button, select the guides to remove, and tap Delete. You can also remove individual guides from the list by swiping to the left and tapping Delete.

Remove Saved Guides Maps iPad

Wrapping it up

The curated guides in Apple Maps give you great ways to see hot spots in the major city you’re visiting. Hopefully Apple will continue to add city guides for many additional cities down the road.

Let us know what you think of the curated city guides in the Maps app on iPhone and iPad! You can comment below or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook!