How to use Apple Maps Flyover to see the world on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

This tutorial helps you see the world from your couch using the Flyover feature of the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Seeing Paris using the Flyover feature of Apple Maps on iPad

You may not be able to travel the world as you’d like. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see cities like Paris, London, Venice, or Los Angeles. With the Flyover feature in the Apple Maps app, you can see these cities and many others while feeling like you’re actually there.

How to use the Flyover feature in Apple Maps

1) Open the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

2) Enter the name of the city, state, and country you would like to see in the search box and tap it from the search results. For a complete list of cities available with the Flyover feature, visit Apple Maps: Flyover page.

3) Once your city is found, tap Flyover. On Mac, click Flyover Tour.

Flyover Paris in Apple Maps on iPhone

4) You can optionally tap Start Tour and see some of the landmarks of the location. You can pause, resume, and stop the tour at any time by tapping the screen. It’s like an automated helicopter ride that will show you the major landmarks of that city.

Start Flyover tour in Apple Maps on iPhone

5) If you’re not interested in a guided tour, you can tour around manually. Use one, two, and three fingers to move the screen as you like, as well as zoom in and out. You’ll see named spot for your location as you move about.

Manually navigating during Flyover in Apple Maps on iPhone
Navigating manually using my finger in Flyover

Tip: In addition to moving the screen with your finger, you can move your actual device to see around the city. This is a cool virtual reality type of experience!

If you want to see a gorgeous view of a city you’ve never visited, look at where exactly a landmark is, or even see your own city from above, the Apple Maps Flyover feature is for you. And since new cities are added all the time, you’ll be able to see more and more.

Are you going to check out this feature? Which city or cities are you most excited to see?

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