Apple’s new MagSafe battery pack is cool, but is it really worth $99? [video]

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack snaps magnetically onto the back of your iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max so it’s there whenever you go, happy to top up your phone. The accessory has some pretty cool features, but is it really worth the asking price?

Video hands-on: Apple MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 version of Apple’s MagSafe battery pack debuted on July 13, 2021.

A photo showing a person walking out in the park, holding an iPhone 12 with Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack snapped onto the back

Our videographer Harris Craycraft explores the features of Apple’s new portable battery for the iPhone 12 family, which comes with some pretty interesting features that we think might interest our readers and just about anyone in the market for a portable battery.

But first, watch Harris’s hands-on video walkthrough embedded right ahead.

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Obviously, this new product from Apple takes advance of the company’s MagSafe technology.

Key features of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12

It incorporates a series of magnets to attach to the phone’s back magnetically. You can simultaneously charge the battery pack itself and your handset (passthrough charging) or charge the battery pack from your iPhone’s battery (the phone must be plugged into power).

The product pack features a Lightning port for charging. Fast-charging the accessory or both it and the phone requires a USB-C PD 20-watt adapter or higher. When used to charge any iPhone 12 model, MagSafe technology will deliver up to 15 watts of wireless charging power.

Featured MagSafe battery packs for iPhone 12

Keep in mind that fast-charging the battery pack, or both it and the phone, requires at least a 20-watt adapter that’s compatible with the USB-C Power Delivery (PD) protocol.

You even get some cool features not found on third-party accessories. For instance, you can track battery charge status on the lock screen (and the home screen with the Battery widget).

Pricing and availability

The battery pack is available from, only in white, and costs $99 no matter your iPhone 12 size. iOS 14.7 or later is required for software support.