Pre-orders begin for the incredibly sexy BatteryBox Slim

BatteryBox is launching a new pre-order special for its updated line of external batteries for Mac laptops and mobile devices that use a USB charger, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and various other types of devices.

Dubbed BatteryBox Slim, the new battery not only looks better with its color-matched aluminum external finish, but it comes with a slew of new features that are going to make this one of the best options on the market to date.

Griffin’s new USB-C power cable brings MagSafe charging to 12-inch MacBook

Apple’s twelve-inch MacBook is one hell of a laptop in terms of portability, build quality and features, but some people are fretting over its limited expandability. With just one USB-C port, folks who wish to connect more than one accessory to the notebook must buy pricey USB-C adapters.

Sadly, the adoption of USB-C on the one-port MacBook has also meant nixing Apple’s tremendously popular MagSafe adapter.

If you’re concerned about sending your notebook flying by accidentally tripping over its USB-C charging cable, Griffin has a solution for you in the form of a newly announced charging cable that brings MagSafe-like technology to the new MacBook.

Review: ‘Quarter’ portable battery has MagSafe port

China-based Beaver Electronics Co. recently unveiled a reasonably priced portable juice pack with buttonless design that after 15 minute of fast-charging holds enough juice to fully recharge an iPhone 5s. In fact, the Quarter recharges any mobile device via USB.

Surprisingly, through its built-in MagSafe 2 port the Quarter charging its 5,000mAh internal battery via the MacBook’s MagSafe wall charger takes under an hour. The company kindly provided me a review unit that I tested out over the past week, here’re my impressions.

MagCable brings MagSafe-like experience with fast-charging to your iPhone

If the 12-inch MacBook is indicative of Apple’s future plans, the popular MagSafe adapter is on its way out as USB-C comes into full view.

Sadly, USB-C is plagued with a major drawback: the standard doesn’t use Apple’s proprietary MagSafe charging method which employs magnets to ensure your notebook doesn’t fly off a desk or wiggle the pins when you trip on the cord.

With MagSafe’s future hanging in the balance, a company called aMagic Ltd. set out to replicate the MagSafe charging experience on Lightning-enabled iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Kickstarter project brings MagSafe inspired functionality to standard 3.5mm audio jack

It’s too early to tell whether or not Apple’s latest one-port Mac notebook spells doom for MagSafe, Apple’s proprietary magnetically attached power connectors. Be that as it may, a duo of entrepreneurial engineers is taking a page from Apple’s book to implement magnets on the types of connectors we use the most.

Magzet, a new Kickstarter project by Jon Hallsten and Jeff Russell, is aiming to do for standard 3.5mm audio jacks what MagSafe has done for Apple notebooks.

Patent struggles may keep this MagSafe-like headphone adapter from being made

I’ve always thought Apple’s magnetic MagSafe power connector was an ingenious piece of tech. In fact, I was hoping to see them include it in the iPhone 5 and other iOS products. But obviously, that wish never materialized.

Designer Jon Patterson is still trying to make it happen, though, with the Pogo, a MagSafe-like magnetic connector for your iPhone. He’s only using it for headphones right now, but he says it’ll likely work for power cords too…

Apple to exclusively sell 9-pin dock connector adapter

Apple could cash in to the tune of $100 million soon after it unveils upcoming devices with the new 9-pin dock connector. The Cupertino, Calif. company intends to be initially the only game in town for Apple fans, exclusively selling the adapters at $10 a pop, reports say.

The company will also sell Apple-branded USB cables for $19 each. This is in line with the MagSafe to Magasafe 2 converter cable Apple sells for $9.99 and the iPhone Micro USB adapter for $11 and $13.

Report: new dock connector has improved transfer rates, is orientation independent

As you know, Apple is planning to deploy a much smaller dock connector with MagSafe-like functionality across all future iOS devices this fall. And contrary to Reuters calling for a 19-pin design, purported photos from two days ago show fewer pins and noticeably smaller design compared to your regular USB connector.

And now, a new report sheds more light on the features the new I/O will provide, including faster data transfer and orientation independence…

Full on image of the next iPhone dock connector suggests MagSafe functionality

Both big media and bloggers agree that with the next iPhone release come this September, Apple is going to debut a brand new dock connector to replace the aging 30-pin thing present on existing devices. The company will allegedly deploy the new dock connector across all future iOS devices.

Built with space in mind, the new connector was originally said to have 19 pins or fewer. A new report surfaced today sporting a crisp shot of the new dock connector with a metal ring inside the casing cutout, suggesting an exciting possibility: that the cable could attach magnetically, just like the MagSafe connector for Apple’s notebooks…

Apple’s 30-Pin Dock Connector Could be Getting a Huge Upgrade

A new and interesting patent reveals a very interesting possibility for future iDevices. Apple’s current proprietary connection technology has been in need of an update for a long time, and technologies like MagSafe have been considered as a replacement.

The current 30-pin connector is present on all of Apple’s mobile devices. And, apparently, Apple is looking to upgrade the 30-pin architecture with multiple connection technologies…