Nomad launches new multi-device charging dock

On Tuesday, our good friends over at Nomad announced they're adding a new wireless charger to their family of iPhone accessories. It's called the Base One Max, and it features both MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers built into a beautiful tabletop dock.

The Nomad Base One is the most beautiful (and expensive) MagSafe charger you can buy

Nomad Base One

It’s hard to get excited about a new wireless charger for iPhone in 2022. I mean, we’ve all seen our fair share of round or square-shaped devices on which you can lay your iPhone to wirelessly charge it. So at this point, the main thing that can set a charger apart from all the rest is design.

So when Nomad emailed me about their new Base One charging station, I paid close attention, because when the fine folks from Santa Barbara, California release a new product, it’s often with a different spin on things.