Nomad launches the new MagSafe Mount Stand for $60

Nomad, one of the most popular third-party accessory makers out there, has been busy lately. And the company isn't showing any signs of slowing down, either. Today, for example, they've got yet another MagSafe-compatible option for folks with supported devices.

Would you use a MagSafe battery pack with your iPhone?

Promotional graphics showing the back of iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 in purple with Apple MagSafe Battery Pack attached magnetically on the back

For some customers, different accessories are going to be far more important than others. Not talking about headphones or anything like that. But something like a case or screen protector. For some folks, buying a new phone just automatically means buying a specific type of accessory to go along with it, too.

The best MagSafe battery packs you can buy now

MagSafe, which allows for accessories of all kinds to attach to the back of supported iPhone models, is a great feature. But as is the case for all accessory-focused features, it needs support beyond Apple's. Which is good news for external battery packs.