Apple Arcade welcomes ‘Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City’, updated versions of Angry Birds and Doodle God

Apple Arcade has a lot of games under its umbrella, and it recently buffed up the library by launching updated versions of classic titles. Today, a trio of new games have arrived on the subscription service. Apple actually first teased their arrival back in June of this year.

And now the wait is over. Today, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost CityAngry Birds Reloaded, and Doodle God Universe are now available in Apple Arcade. To play them, of course, you’ll need to fork over the $4.99 per month subscription price. Once you do that, you’ll be able to hop into any one of these three titles on iPhone, iPad, the Mac, and Apple TV.

As mentioned above, Apple said these titles would be launching soon back in June. So this has been coming down the pipe for a bit of time now. You can check out the trailer for the updated version of Alto’s Odyssey down below.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

Now, just to reiterate here, these aren’t new games. Not legitimate sequels or anything. They are updated versions of the original titles. In the case of Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, though, the update is pretty significant. For fans of the original game, there’s now a new area to sandboard through. Plus, new play mechanics to learn as you go.

Doodle God Universe

You’ll be tasked with combining air, water, fire, and earth elements to create new worlds. Start with microorganisms and go from there. You’ll be tasked with creating animals and then humans down the road. This updated version of the title offers improved visuals, including a fully redrawn aesthetic.

Angry Birds: Reloaded

The original flock of birds, sitting in their giant slingshots, return with even more birds to join in the fray against the pigs. Rovio Entertainment, the developer behind the title, says players will see “visual enhancements, new characters, and plenty of destruction” in this remastered version of the classic game.

All three games are available now.