Apple’s M2 processor may make its debut in early 2022 inside a colorful MacBook Air

After introducing the M1 processor back in 2020, there has been plenty of attention turned to the oft-rumored M1X. That next-generation processor has yet to be announced, but now we’re ready to start talking about the processor after that one. At least, that’s what the rumor mill says.

Yesterday, leaker Dylan (@dylandkt on Twitter) tweeted out a brief comment on what’s coming down the pipe for Apple’s MacBook Air lineup. According to the leaker, Apple is going to launch the “M2” processor sometime in early 2022. It will be tucked inside a “colorful Macbook (Air).” Dylan makes sure to mention that this is not the M1X they are referring to, but rather a different processor altogether.

Up to this point, all’s been quiet on the M2 front, This is one of the only times we’ve heard about the chip that Apple plans to release after the M1X. Dylan also says that the M1X processor is being “reserved” for the “Pro Mac devices.” That certainly lines up with previous rumors, which have pointed to a brand new MacBook Pro model outfitted with the new processor under the hood.

We’ve also heard before that Apple is planning on introducing a more colorful MacBook Air lineup in early 2022. That would see the same color schemes Apple introduced with the new iMac earlier this year. The new MacBook Air will reportedly also feature smaller white bezels, a redesigned keyboard, and flat edges.

As a bit of a counter to this rumor, Bloomberg reported back in May of this year that Apple is actually going to introduce a redesigned MacBook Air, with “next-generation Apple silicon” before the end of 2021.

Either way, things are going to be very exciting for the MacBook family in the near future.