MacBook Pro with ‘M1X’ processor hinted at in metadata for Apple’s WWDC YouTube video

Word on the street is that Apple is working on a slightly tweaked, slightly improved version of its original M1 processor for a new MacBook Pro. Expectations were that Apple would unveil the new machine at the keynote for this year’s WWDC, but that didn’t happen. So, while we wait, the rumor mill is still working out the details.

Today, for instance, it’s details discovered by Max Balzer (via 9to5Mac), who shared the information on Twitter today┬ádetailing the latest hint Apple plans on calling the new processor the “M1X.” Soon after the keynote ended on Monday, Apple uploaded an official version to its YouTube channel. The latest hint of the incoming processor comes in the metadata of that video.

Both “m1x” and “M1X MacBook Pro” are terms directly referenced within the metadata of the video. The metadata of the video is a manual input by someone at Apple, one of many people who were probably tasked with making sure the video was uploaded correctly. As noted in the original report, this suggests that someone thought Apple was going to announce a new MacBook Pro, one equipped with an M1X processor, at this year’s keynote.

This appears to be a confirmation of the biggest rumors swirling around the new MacBook Pro, which is believed to be coming in both 14- and 16-inch variants. One, that they are launching relatively soon. And, two, that they will be equipped with Apple silicon branded as M1X.

As far as other rumors are concerned, Apple is said to be adding MagSafe charging, an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and bring on a slight hardware redesign as well. Of course, nothing is official just yet, so we’re going to need to keep waiting before Apple decides it’s time to make the new MacBook Pro officially official.

And when that happens, do you plan on upgrading?