How to spoof your iPhone or iPad GPS location

Spoofing the GPS location on your iPhone will tell location-based apps that you’re in a different place. There could be several reasons why one may want to do this. It could be to access blocked websites, tell dating apps that you’re in a different location, to play location-based games such as Pokemon GO, and so on.

However, iOS doesn’t have a spoof GPS location feature, and you’ll have to use third-party tools, VPNs, or jailbreak tweaks.

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Spoof iPhone location using a VPN

As mentioned in the beginning, there’s no direct way to spoof your iPhone location. One of the main reasons why users want to spoof their location is to use geo-locked apps or websites. For example, some websites, streaming services, etc, may not be available in your area. You can also use a VPN to make a dating app believe that you’re in a different location.

There are several VPNs available for iPhone, such as NordVPN, which can be installed on your iPhone from the App Store. For full GPS location spoofing, you’ll need to pay a monthly or annual fee. You can then choose any location you like, and start using apps that once didn’t work in your area. A lot of users end up using a VPN to spoof their location. It allows you to access UK Netflix content in the US, and so on. VPNs are usually able to change your location to almost any country in the world.

Spook iPhone location with Jailbreak tweaks

If you don’t want to pay up for a VPN, then you can spoof your iPhone location by using a jailbreak tweak. In fact, location spoofing is one of the advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone.

Relocate Reborn

Once you have access to a jailbroken iPhone, you can install tweaks such as Location Faker or Relocate Reborn, both of which do an excellent job of spoofing your location.

Other methods to spoof iPhone location

You can also install certain tools on your Mac or PC and use them spoof the location on your iPhone. However, these work only on older iPhones running iOS 12 or earlier. If you do use an old iPhone that supports iOS 12, and you want to spoof your location, you can download iTools from ThinkSky. This tool offers a Virtual Location option when your iPhone is connected. You can then enter any location and spoof your GPS data on your iDevice. However, the free version is only available for 24 hours.

Wrapping up

There are a couple of ways to spoof your location on iPhone, but nothing direct. You’ll either have to download a VPN, jailbreak your iPhone, or try a tool that’s made for older iPhones only. The best bet is the use of VPNs, but you will have to pay for the services. With jailbreaking, the tweaks are available for free, which means that you won’t have to pay to spoof your location.