How to enable VoiceOver on the Mac login screen

We’ve shown you many ways to use VoiceOver on your Mac. From the basics of turning VoiceOver off and on to in-depth uses like navigating your desktop, Dock, and Mission Control with it. But there is one thing that VoiceOver users may want to know right from the start and that’s how to use it on the login screen.

You can manually turn VoiceOver on from your login screen. But you can also have it ready to go every time you sign in on your Mac.

Manually enable VoiceOver on login

If you prefer not to have VoiceOver enabled every time you sign in, you can simply turn it on manually on the login screen.

Use the keyboard shortcut Command + F5 to turn VoiceOver on. And of course, you can use the same shortcut to turn it off.

If you have a Touch ID on your Mac, you can also use it to turn on VoiceOver. Press and hold the Command key and then press Touch ID three times.

Automatically enable VoiceOver on login

Having VoiceOver on and ready to use when you sign in might just be easier for you. Follow these steps to enable VoiceOver on the login screen.

1) Open System Preferences from the Apple icon in your menu bar or icon in your Dock.

2) Select Users & Groups.

3) Click the padlock in the lower left corner and sign in with your username and password.

4) Choose Login Options on the left.

Users and Groups, Login and Accessibility Options on Mac

5) Click the Accessibility Options button on the right.

6) Check the box next to VoiceOver.

7) Click Apply and then close your System Preferences.

Check the Box for VoiceOver

Now the next time you see the login screen on your Mac, VoiceOver should be enabled and ready to go!

More on using VoiceOver on Mac

If you’d like additional help with VoiceOver on your Mac, take a look at these how-tos.

Wrapping it up

The VoiceOver feature gives you that bit of extra help for navigating and performing tasks on Mac. But remember, you can use VoiceOver on your iPhone and iPad too! Head to our VoiceOver section for even more articles on the feature.

Do you have any tips or tricks for using VoiceOver you’d like to share with our readers? Comment below!