New to iPhone? How to disable Control Center while using apps

Has the Control Center on your iPhone ever gotten in the way? If you’re playing a game or using an app where you have to tap or swipe on the top right, then you know what I mean. Sometimes you open the Control Center by mistake. And if you’re a new iPhone user, this can be especially aggravating.

While the iPhone Control Center is a handy tool, you don’t always need it “right there”. But luckily there’s one small setting that can keep it where it belongs while you’re using your apps. This means, no more accidental Control Center invasions during your game or app time.

Here’s how to turn off your iPhone Control Center when you’re using apps.

Disable Control Center while using apps

All the goodness of configuring your iPhone happens in the Settings and this option is no different.

1) Open Settings on your iPhone.

2) Select Control Center.

3) Turn off the toggle for Access Within Apps.

Control Center Access Within Apps Off on iPhone

Once you disable that switch, give it a try. Open an app and try to access your Control Center. You shouldn’t be able to open it. If you need to access it, head back to your Home screen, swipe from the corner like normal, and there it is.

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Wrapping it up

This may be one of those small options that you just didn’t realize was tucked away in your Settings. So the next time you have a game or app on your screen and accidentally open the Control Center, remember how to stop if from happening again.

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