iPad Pro goes up against the Surface Pro 7 in Microsoft’s latest ad

Microsoft has a Surface Pro 7 to sell to interested individuals, which means the company has to market the device. Apparently the best way to do that is to compare it to Apple’s devices.

Microsoft has traditionally positioned its Surface Pro lineup as a tablet/laptop competitor, seeing its machine as the best of both worlds. And, indeed, the Surface Pro has done pretty well for Microsoft as a whole, helping to revitalize its hardware in recent years. As such, Microsoft sees putting up the Surface Pro 7 against the likes of Apple’s MacBook Pro as a no-brainer.

So of course the iPad Pro was going to get the same treatment.

And, indeed, that’s the case with the ad Microsoft published to its official Surface YouTube channel today. It’s only 30 seconds in length, but the company gets quite a bit across in that short period of time. That includes Microsoft throwing shade at the iPad Pro for not having a built-in kickstand, and that the optional keyboard (in this case, the Magic Keyboard) for Apple is much “heavier” than Microsoft’s Type Cover keyboard.

Also, the actor “loves that click”. It is a pretty solid click.

The person doing this brief head-to-head moves on to connectivity and talk about “all kinds of ports” on the Surface Pro 7, while the iPad Pro only has a single USB-C. Which leads right into the dongle angle, something that Intel leaned into recently with its own “PC vs Mac” ad campaign recently.

You can check out the ad above.

What do you think? Do you believe these ads actually work in any meaningful capacity?