How to recover recently deleted Photos on Mac

Not every photo is worth keeping. We might snap a shot that ends up blurry, one where our subject has their eyes closed, or maybe we just have some duplicates. You can delete pictures easily enough in the Photos app, but what if you delete one by mistake or decide you want it back?

We’ve shown you how to recover deleted photos on iPhone and iPad, so now it’s time to show you how to do this on your Mac.

Recover deleted Photos on Mac

Just like on iPhone and iPad, photos you delete don’t go away immediately. They are kept in a Recently Deleted folder. This is actually a nice feature for those times when you change your mind about a photo.

1) Open Photos on Mac and select Recently Deleted in the Photos section of the left-hand sidebar.

2) You’ll see all the photos and videos you’ve deleted with the number of days remaining until they’re permanently deleted. Remember, deleted photos only stay in this folder for approximately 30 days.

3) Click each photo you want to recover; you can select as many as you like, even all of them.

4) Hit the Recover button at the top.

Photos Recently Deleted to Recover on Mac

Any photos you recover will pop back into your Library as if they never left.

More on Photos

For additional help with deleting pictures or finding duplicates in Photos on Mac as well as iPhone and iPad, check out these tutorials.

Wrapping it up

Remember, you have about 30 days to recover photos you send to the Recently Deleted folder. It might be worth it to browse through that folder on occasion in case there are any photos you want to recover. Once they’re deleted from that folder, they’re gone for good.