How to create and share stories only with Close Friends on Instagram

While the Close Friends feature on Instagram may not be brand new, it may be new to you. You can choose the friends you want on this exclusive list and then share your story just with them instead of everyone. This is a handy way to share a story with your closest pals or immediate family.

Here, we’ll show you how to set up your Close Friends list, edit it, and share your Instagram stories with those besties on it.

Add Close Friends on Instagram

Close Friends on Instagram

Create a Close Friends list

To start adding people to your Close Friends list, open Instagram and follow these steps.

1) Go to your Instagram profile using the tab at the bottom.

2) Tap the Menu icon on the top right.

3) Select Close Friends.

4) When you’re new to creating the list, you’ll see a welcome type of screen. Tap Get Started.

5) You’ll see a list of suggested people as well as a Search box at the top if you want to find someone in particular. Tap Add or the circle next to each person you want to add to the list. Finally, tap Done.

Create a Close Friends List on Instagram

This currently isn’t a way to create or manage your Close Friends on the Instagram website.

Edit your Close Friends

You can add and remove people from your Close Friends list anytime. Use the steps above to select Close Friends from the Menu.

  • Add: Use the search bar or the suggested accounts to add someone to the list.
  • Remove: Uncheck the box next to your friend to take them off the list.
  • Remove everyone: If, for some reason, you want to take everybody off the list, tap Clear All.
Edit your close friends on Instagram

When you add or remove people from your Close Friends, they will not receive a notification.

Share your story with Close Friends

When you create a story that you want to share only with your Close Friends, it’s super easy. Capture the story as you normally would, then tap Close Friends on the bottom left. That’s it!

After you share your story with your friends on that list, you can see this too. Open the story, and you’ll see a star in green on the top right. Tap it, and a message will display, letting you know you’ve shared it with Close Friends. You also have an option to Edit Your Close Friends List right from that pop-up.

Share Instagram story with your close friends

About Close Friends on Instagram

Here are a few things to note about your Close Friends list on Instagram.

  • When you add or remove people from your Close Friends, they will not receive a notification.
  • Stories you share with Close Friends still disappear after 24 hours like any other story.

In addition, from Instagram:

…people on your close friends list will know they’re on it, but they can’t see who else is on your list. Only you can see your close friends list, and no one can request to be added. If someone has added you to their list, you’ll see a green badge when you’re viewing their stories and a green ring around their profile photo.

Will you be adding some Close Friends on Instagram?

When you have a lot of followers on Instagram and have a story that you only want a few people to see, using your Close Friends list is the perfect way to do it. So, are you going to create a Close Friends list? Let us know your thoughts!

If you try it out and like it, take a look at the messaging app for Close Friends on Instagram called Threads.

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