How to color alternating rows in your Numbers sheets

When you have a large spreadsheet that’s full of data, especially numbers, it can be difficult to analyze without a little help. You might use a sort option or even a filter in Numbers to find certain data. But if you’re just reviewing it, why not make it a bit easier?

By coloring alternating rows, your sheets can look like those we’ve seen printed on pages. This feature simply uses a color to shade every other row. You’d be surprised at what a difference this makes to stay on track and not lose your place.

Here, we’ll show you how to color alternating rows in your Numbers sheets on both Mac and iOS.

Color every other row in Numbers on Mac

The nice thing about using color for alternating rows on Mac is that you can select the color. So, if you have conditional formatting with color or someone on your team who has difficulty seeing certain colors, you can pick one that works.

Open Numbers to the workbook you need and select the sheet. Then, follow these steps.

1) Select the table by clicking any cell within it.

2) Click Format on the top right to open the sidebar.

3) Choose the Table tab in the sidebar.

4) Near the bottom, below Gridlines, you’ll see Alternating Row Color. Check the box and pick a color. You can choose a quick color from the drop-down or click the color palette symbol for additional options.

Color Alternating Rows in Numbers on Mac

If you add more rows or delete any from the sheet, the alternating colors will adjust automatically.

Color every other row in Numbers on iPhone and iPad

You can apply color to alternating rows in Numbers on iPhone and iPad too. The difference is that you cannot choose the color. Once you enable the feature, the rows will alternate with a light gray.

Open Numbers to the workbook you want, select the sheet, and do the following.

1) Select the table by tapping any cell within it.

2) Tap Format (paintbrush icon) on the top.

3) Choose the Table tab.

4) Near the bottom, you’ll see Alternating Rows. Turn on the toggle and you’ll see your sheet update.

Color Alternating Rows in Numbers on iPad

Alternating Rows toggle in Numbers on iPad

Like in Numbers on Mac, you can add or remove rows and the alternating color will adjust for you.

Tip: If you sync with macOS, you can pick a color for the alternating rows on your Mac and they will display in that same color on iPhone and iPad.

Wrapping it up

When you’re dealing with a lot of data, things like alternating row colors in Numbers can make it less strenuous to review. Are you going to give this tip a try?