Netflix’s former CEO doesn’t think Apple is trying hard enough with Apple TV+

Apple TV+ launched in late 2019, and, since then, the streaming service has seen its fair share of positive reviews. Things didn’t start out so bright, with initial reviews for launch shows not all that positive. But, since then, the service has shown a pretty solid library of original content. However, that’s not good enough for one former CEO.

Recently speaking with Yahoo Finance, Netflix‘s co-founder and former CEO, Marc Randolph, spoke about not just Apple TV+, but also Disney+. Randolph has a lot to say about content, which makes sense. Netflix’s primary goal at this point is to launch as much new content as possible. The streaming service is launching a new original film every week this year!

But that’s where he sees a problem for Apple TV+.

Randolph says Apple TV+ has the highest churn rate of any of the streaming services (something backed up by separate reports). And he notes that the company is relying too much on free trials. Indeed, Apple’s offering a year’s worth of service for folks who buy new hardware that can stream the content. And the company has extended free trials from 2019 not once, but twice.

Randolph sees it as Apple focusing on the wrong thing:

If Apple spent one quarter as much time on content as they do on giveaways they really could play.

Randolph adds that Apple has “no excuse”, and that the company is “still not in it with both feet”. The former Netflix CEO believes Apple has to go all-in, essentially, and just take the leap if they really want to compete with the big competitors in the field.

Randolph lays it out pretty bluntly, saying Apple TV has to “give them a reason to stay”. Apparently that’s not the case right now, which makes sense to an extent. Apple TV+ certainly doesn’t have the same library of content that other options have, whether it’s Netflix, Disney+, or even CBS All Access. The reason for that is Apple isn’t making deals with third-party companies to host their content, too. So you can’t find, say, The Office on Apple TV+ like you could on Netflix — until you couldn’t anymore (thanks Peacock!).

Apple’s lacking library has been a point of contention right out of the gate. However, the streaming service did just reportedly have its biggest weekend to date thanks to content like PalmerServant, and Losing Alice. And it’s foolish to ignore all of the news regarding upcoming content for the streaming service.

Just today, for instance, we heard that Lily Gladstone had joined the Martin Scorsese film Killers of the Flower Moon starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. This is one of the most highly anticipated films coming down the pipe. And Apple just secured the Sundance Film Festival favorite CODA, too. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. There are a lot of projects heading to Apple TV+ in the future.

Plus, Apple TV+ isn’t as expensive as Netflix or Disney+ or HBO Max, or many of the other primary competitors, either.

As for Disney+? Randolph believes the complete opposite from Apple in that regard. Solid library of content to build on, and the service is launching new shows and films to watch on a semi regular basis, too.

In any event, it sounds like Randolph expects more from Apple. What about you?