How to share a Memory from Photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

If you enjoy perusing the Memories that the Photos app assembles for you, why not share them? You may have a Memory from a holiday, birthday, vacation, or special occasion where those who were with you would like to see.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to share a Memory from Photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Memories in Photos app on iPhone

Share a Memory from the Photos app

iPhone and iPad

1) Open Photos and tap the For You tab at the bottom.

2) Scroll through your Memories and tap the one you want to share.

3) Video will start playing in full-screen. Tap once on the screen to reveal the icons.

4) To share the Memory as a video, tap the share button. From here, you can Save Video to the Photos app or pick the desired mode for sharing, like Messages, Mail, WhatsApp, etc. Photos app will take a few seconds to prepare the video file for that Memory, and once that’s done, you can send it.

Share Memory as video from iPhone Photos app

5) To share the individual photos of that Memory, tap the button made up of six tiny boxes. Now, tap the More button (three dots inside a circle) > Select. Choose the images and tap the share button from where you can pick any mode like Messages, WhatsApp, Mail, etc.

Share Memory as separate photos from your iPhone


The steps to share a Memory as a video or individual images from Mac are identical to iPhone or iPad. Here’s how:

1) Open the Photos app and click Memories in the left sidebar.

2) Double-click the Memory tile to open it.

3) Click the share button from the top and pick a method. The Memory will be converted to a video file and shared via the selected medium.

Share Memory as video from Mac

4) To share individual images, hit the button made up of six tiny boxes. Next, click a photo to select it. To select several, hold the Command key while you click them. When done, click the share button from the top.

Share Memory as photos from Mac

Export Memory as a video file

You can easily export the Memory as a video file on Mac. To do that, open a Memory and then click File > Export > Export Memory Video.

Export Memory Video from Photos app on Mac

Since the Photos app creates Memories for you to relive memorable times, consider sharing one of the Memories with those who enjoyed those moments with you. Are you going to share a Memory in Photos with a loved one?

Tip: You can also share the Memory as a Shared Album, which is a great way to share the photos without the hassle of sending them. Check out our tutorial on Shared Albums for details.

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