How to share a Memory from Photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Memories in Photos app on iPhone

If you enjoy perusing the Memories that the Photos app assembles for you, why not share them? You may have a Memory from a holiday, birthday, vacation, or special occasion where those who were with you would like to see.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to share a Memory from Photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

New video tutorials from Apple explain how to customize and share Moments

Apple yesterday published a pair of new videos through its official YouTube channel, covering the Moments feature in Photos which uses machine learning to automatically create themed albums and animated slideshows from your best images and videos.

Running sixteen seconds long each, the two new clips show how to customize and share Memories in the stock Photos app on iPhone. Using iOS's multipurpose Share sheet, users can publish their currently playing Memory Movie to Facebook, Twitter and other services.

And with the ability to choose from many built-in templates and songs, everyone can customize every Memory to their liking, all from within the stock Photos app.

How to customize Memories on iPhone 7

“Customize your Memories movies by choosing from tons of preselected moods and music, right from the Photos app,” reads the video's description.

How to share Memories on iPhone 7

“Share your favorite Memories movies with friends, family or all of Facebook, right from the Photos app.”

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Latest iPhone ad is about Memories feature in Photos

A new advertisement for iPhone 7 was posted today to Apple's official channel on YouTube along with a new how-to clip.

Titled “The Archives” and running one minute and forty seconds long, it promotes Memories, a new iOS 10 feature in the Photos app which uses machine learning to create animated slideshows, called Memory Movies, based on your best photos and videos.

The Cupertino tech giant also posted a new video in its “How to shoot on iPhone” video tutorial series, showing how to play Memory Movies on iPhone. We've embedded both clips for your viewing pleasure so give them a quick watch before meeting us in comments.

iPhone 7—The Archives

“The Memories tab in the Photos app automatically creates beautiful movies out of the photos and videos in your camera roll in a matter of seconds,” reads the video's description.

Song: “Her Dreams” by Luca D’Alberto and “Unchained Melody (cover)” by Lykke Li

How to play Memories on iPhone 7

“Play Memories Movies automatically by selecting the Memories tab in the Photos app.”

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The Memories feature is getting a boost on iPhone, iPad and Mac with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra—your Memory Movies will be optimized to play in both portrait and landscape orientation and additional memories, such as photos of pets or birthdays, will be available.

How to create Memories based on specific photos

Not too many years ago, compiling a personal slideshow on your iOS powered device was still a pretty big undertaking. Thankfully, we have come a long way since then and owing to the combined power of iOS and Siri intelligence now have a wealth of so called Memories at our fingertips, sometimes so many it's hard to keep up with. Despite the baked-in features to personalize these slideshows, there is still a degree of creativity you surrender to Apple's algorithms, most crucially in picture selection.

If this happens to be your main beef with Memories too, maybe the time is now to give the able feature a chance to get (back) in your good books. Because counter to common perception, there is an easy way to manipulate the picture selection process and generate Memories as beautiful and personal as a hand-picked slideshow. Here's how to use the brainpower of Memories while remaining completely in charge of the photos starring in the slideshow.

Reminisce more efficiently with ‘Show Photos from this Day’ in iOS

The holidays are a natural time to sit down with friends or loved ones and flip through all of your photos ad nauseam. iDB features help and guides aplenty for confident navigation of the Camera and Photos app, however one little trick has managed to fly under the radar for many, albeit its capability to save you valuable time when browsing your compendium of years and years of photos.

The tutorial below will teach you how to ask your iPhone or iPad to show you all remaining photos captured on the same day the footage you were initially looking at has been taken. In simpler words, say you are laughing at a vacation video taken at the pool and want to reminisce what else went on that day - here is what you should do instead of going back to your collection and painstakingly scanning your catalogue for that day.

How to use Memories in Photos for iOS

Apple's Photos app for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV includes a powerful yet underrated feature, called Memories, which scans your media library to unearth your cherished or forgotten events, trips and people such as a weekend hike, your baby’s first birthday, a year's best photos and videos, etc.

Memories collates these items in gorgeous collections and even creates animated slideshows from them. In this tutorial, you will learn how to get started with Memories, create your own animated slideshows, customize them to your liking with photos, videos, music, titles and much more.