How to create and use a Font Book library on Mac

If you use various fonts for projects on your Mac, then you might be familiar with the Font Book. This handy tool lets you find additional fonts as well as download and install more styles.

When you start building up more and more fonts that you use regularly, you’ll want to keep them organized. One way to do this is by creating Collections or Smart Collections. But another is to create and use a library.

Collections are great for grouping similar styles or those for certain projects, like webpages. But a library can simply collect the fonts you like or become the default location for new fonts you install.

Here’s how to create a use a Font Book library on your Mac.

Manage font libraries with Font Book on Mac

Create a library in Font Book

As a reminder, Font Book is an app on your Mac. So you can open it from your Applications folder or use Spotlight to search for it.

With Font Book open, click File > New Library from the menu bar or right-click within the Library section of the sidebar and choose New Library.

Font Book New Library

When the “Unnamed Library” appears in the app’s sidebar, give it a name and hit Return.

Add fonts to your library

To add fonts to your newly created library, click the plus sign at the top of Font Book or right-click the library and pick Add Fonts. Browse for, select the font, and click Open.

Add Fonts to New Library

Edit your library

You can rename, disable, or delete your library by right-clicking it in the sidebar. You cannot take these actions with the built-in libraries you see for All Fonts, Computer, or User.

Edit New Library

Set your library as the default for new fonts

If you want the library you create to be the default location for new fonts you install, it’s a simple change. Just note that the new fonts will only be available to you, as the owner of the library.

Open Font Book > Preferences and select the library name in the drop-down list for Default Install Location. Optionally check the box to move duplicates to the Trash.

Default Install Location New Library

If you prefer that new fonts be available to everyone, such as on a shared computer, you’ll want to keep the Default Install Location set to the Computer library.

Default Install Location Computer

When to use Collections instead

Collections provide a bit more flexibility than libraries in Font Book. If your new library isn’t accomplishing one the below, consider creating a Collection instead.

  • You want to drag and drop fonts to group them together.
  • You want to access groups of fonts in the Fonts window for use within apps.
  • You want to switch between various groups of fonts quickly.

Wrapping it up

Staying organized when you’re working on projects or documents is important to your productivity. So if you frequently use various fonts, or are about to start, keep the Font Book library option in mind.

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