How to install and disable fonts on Mac

Font List on Mac

Even though you have a ton of different font styles to choose from on your Mac, you may want something new. If you’ve found a font on a website, you can easily download, install, and start using it on Mac.

Along with third-party fonts, your Mac also has some that are available for download in the Font Book.

And if you want to reduce the number of fonts you see when picking one, you can even disable fonts on your Mac.

This tutorial walks you through it all. Here’s how to install and disable fonts on Mac.

Install downloaded fonts

If you’ve found a font from a site you trust and have downloaded it but aren’t quite sure how to install and start using it, do the following.

1) Open the Downloads folder in Finder and double-click the ZIP file for the font. If you’ve saved it elsewhere, just locate it and open the ZIP file.

2) Double-click the font file. You may see more than one file in the ZIP, but the font file should have a TTF extension.

3) Click Install Font.

Install Font Mac - The Phamelo

And that’s all there is to it! You should be able to start using that font in apps like Notes, Mail, or Pages.

Make fonts available to all users

When you download and install a font, it will be available for your user account by default. But if you want that font to be available on your computer for all users, not just you, you can change a simple setting.

1) Open the Font Book on your Mac from the Applications folder.

2) Click Font Book > Preferences from the menu bar.

3) Change the selection from User to Computer in the drop-down box for Default Install Location.

Font Book Preferences Computer Mac

You can then close the Font Book Preferences window.

Download fonts in the Font Book

The Font Book on your Mac contains plenty of fonts for you to use, but you might notice that some of them are grayed out.

If you want to use a grayed-out font, click the Download button at the top of the Font Book preview window.

Download Font Mac

That font will then be ready for you use.

Disable fonts on Mac

If you feel there are way too many fonts for you to fish through and you know for certain you won’t use specific ones, you can disable them.

1) Open the Font Book from your Applications folder.

2) Select the font you want to disable.

3) Either click the Disable selected fonts button (checkmark icon) in the toolbar or click Edit > Disable [font name] Family from the menu bar.

4) Confirm by clicking Disable.

Disable Font Mac

Once you disable a font, it will no longer be available in your font list when using an app. But it’s still usable if you want to hit that Download button in the Font Book preview to use it again.

Wrapping it up

Using different fonts on your Mac for various things can not only spruce up your words but add some flare too.

Are you interested in using different fonts on your Mac or are you perfectly happy with your current choices? Let us know your thoughts below!

And for additional how-tos for your Mac or other devices, check out our Tutorials section.