How to use Google Maps on Apple Watch

Google Maps Logo from Pixabay

If you’re a Google Maps user, then you might prefer to use it for directions and navigation over Apple Maps. And lucky for you Google Maps returned to Apple Watch in fall of 2020.

While it doesn’t offer features like city guides and business details, it does work like a map app should on Apple Watch with navigation, directions, travel times. Here’s how to use Google Maps on Apple Watch.

Google Maps on Apple Watch

If you open the Google Maps app on your Apple Watch without the app being open on your iPhone, you’ll see a message telling you to do so if you want to begin a trip. Once you do, you can do several things.

Not Navigating in Google Maps on the Watch

Current trip

If you start navigating a trip on iPhone, those directions will appear on your Apple Watch for you to continue on your way. You’ll see your ETA at the top under Current trip. Tap to see step-by-step directions or use them to navigate to your destination.

Current Trip in Google Maps on Apple Watch

Travel times and shortcuts

You can also view Travel times to Home, Work, and shortcuts you’ve set up and saved. Tap one of those and you’ll see the directions.

You’ll see an option to Edit Shortcuts on the Apple Watch app. If you select this option, you’ll be directed to your iPhone to edit, add, or remove a shortcut.

View Travel Times and Edit Shortcuts in Google Maps on iPhone

Travel mode

One thing that you can do in Google Maps on the Watch itself is change your travel mode. Tap Set travel mode and then pick from Walking, Driving, or Transit.

Travel Mode in Google Maps on the Watch

Wrapping it up

The Google Maps app may not have as many features as the Apple Maps app on Apple Watch, but what it does have works. So if you’re happy to start using Google Maps on your Watch again, you can grab it for free on the App Store.

What are your thoughts on Google Maps for your Watch? Do you wish there were more features or are you fine with it the way it is? Let us know!