How to stop receiving turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch when using the Maps app

When starting turn-by-turn directions on your iPhone, these directions will be automatically sent to your Apple Watch, where you will be tapped gently to alert you of every incoming turn. I find this feature particularly helpful for walking or transit directions, but I find it redundant and somewhat distracting when driving. Fortunately, this can be disabled.

In this guide, we will show you how to stop displaying Maps directions and receiving alerts for every upcoming turn on your Apple Watch. You will, of course, still be able to get directions on your iPhone, but these directions won’t be pushed to your Apple Watch.

Turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch

Stop Maps directions on your Apple Watch

In order to stop receiving turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch when using the Maps app on your iPhone, launch the Watch application on your iPhone, then navigate to the Maps section. When there, turn off Turn Alerts as per your precise preference for Driving, Driving with CarPlay, Walking, and Cycling. I like to keep it enabled for walking and cycling but turn it off while driving.

Customize Turn Alerts in Watch app

Going forward, you will only get directions on your iPhone unless you initiate turn-by-turn directions directly from your Apple Watch, in which case, directions will appear on your Apple Watch only.

Living in a rural area where I don’t need directions to be pushed to my wrist, I always keep this feature turned off. However, I sometimes turn it back on when trying to find my way in a new city. Your use of this feature may vary, but now you know it’s easily disabled or re-enabled.

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