How to help others and contribute to Apple health research

Contribute to Health Research on iPhone

Scientists and physicians can’t learn about health conditions if they don’t know about them. Cures for diseases can take years and years, if there even is a cure to be found. So where do those working on these things get information? How can they experiment, develop medications, or search for causes without data?

If you’ve never participated in a health study before, but are thinking it might be time, Apple makes it easy for you. For women’s health, hearing health, and heart health, the Apple Research app is at your fingertips. You decide which study to take part in and what data you want to share. So if you’re ready to help further research in these areas, here’s how to contribute to health research.

Apple health research

Download the Apple Research app

You may not realize it, but you have a direct link to the Apple Research app right from the Health app on your iPhone. Open Health, hit the Summary tab, and you should see a spot for Contribute to Health Research.

Just tap Get Research App and you’ll be directed to the App Store where you can download the app for free. If you happened to close out that box on your Summary tab, you can get the app by searching or using this link for Apple Research on the App Store.

Get the Apple Research app

Get started with the app

After you download the app, you’ll walk through a few prompts that explain how Apple Research works. And you’ll see links with additional details on the screens.

If you’re concerned about the data you’re sharing, Apple states that your data won’t be sold, you choose which studies to participate in and control which data you share, plus you can leave a study any time you like.

And if you’re serious about helping out, you might enable the Apple Research app notifications, although useful, it’s not required.

About the Apple Research Studies

You can then jump right in and select a study to join. Tap Learn More & Enroll to get started. If you prefer to wait, scroll down the Join Your First Study screen and tap Not Now. You can then open the app later and choose a study when you’re ready.

Join a Study Later by Tapping Not Now

Participate in a study

When you open the Apple Research app, you’ll see the Open Studies at the top. And if you’re interested, you can scroll to the bottom to learn more about Other Studies that have ended.

Tap Learn More & Enroll to get full details on the study and be sure to read the Expectations and Requirements before you enroll. Note that some studies require you to wear an Apple Watch.

About a Study and the Requirements

If you decide to join a study, you’ll see the Steps to Enroll which includes filling out a research profile (for the first enrollment) and signing a few forms. You’ll see how long the process will take, so if necessary, you can enroll later when you have more time. Be sure to read the consent forms before you sign! Then simply follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.

Enroll in a Health Study

Wrapping it up

We’ve all heard about health studies and many take place in physical institutions. But having the ability to further research that can help many people live longer, healthier lives, by not even leaving the house, makes participating a little more appealing. Are you going to check out the Apple Research health studies?