Apple TV+ joins ‘Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment’ to help battle piracy

Digital and streaming piracy is a major concern for many companies, which is why the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) exists. This is part of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and it’s an anti-piracy group.

And now the Apple TV+ arm of Apple’s business model has joined the governing board of the group. According to the announcement today, Apple TV+ joining the governing board “further strengthens ACE’s collective approach to disrupting a piracy ecosystem that harms creators”. According to ACE, streaming piracy accounts for upwards of 80% of all piracy in today’s age.

Streaming piracy is a growing problem representing 80% of all piracy today. Unlawful piracy operations put incredible innovation, creativity and investment at risk, to the detriment of creators, innovators and consumers alike. According to the Global Innovation Policy Center, piracy costs as much as $71 billion annually in lost domestic revenues.  Additionally, consumers are harmed when accessing illegal content – one-third of pirate sites target consumers with malware that can lead to a range of problems, including identify theft and financial loss, according to a report by Digital Citizens Alliance.

Netflix and Amazon were founding members of the anti-piracy group when it launched in 2017. Since then, a vast collection of companies and organizations have joined its ranks, including NBC, ViacomCBS, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Disney, BBC, and many, many others.

With so many of the major entities that create content and distribute it out into the world part of ACE, it was just a matter of time before Apple TV+ joined the ranks as well.