AppleCare+ now covers 2 incidents of accidental damage every 12 months

Up until today, AppleCare+ covered two incidents of accidental damage every 24 months with the extended warranty coverage. Now the service has been updated to offer even better coverage.

Today, following the company’s “Time Flies” event, Apple has updated its AppleCare+ protection plan to make some noteworthy changes. First and foremost, the coverage now covers two incidents of accidental damage over the course of 12 months. Otherwise, it looks like AppleCare+ is the same in every other area, including battery service coverage, 24/7 priority access to technical support, and coverage for Apple-certified repairs.

However, there is another change to Apple’s theft or loss plan for the iPhone. Apple has lowered the deductible to just $149 for all iPhone models. Up until today’s change getting a lost or stolen iPhone replaced could cost anywhere between $149 and $269, depending on the model.

In recent news, Apple recently expanded the sign-up window for AppleCare+ after initially buying a product. Now, buying a new Apple product will give you a full year to add AppleCare+ protection plan to the device. This new expanded timeframe is available for customers in the United States and Canada.

Apple’s change to its AppleCare+ coverage and theft or loss plan comes on the heels of the company announcing the new Apple Watch Series 6, along with the new Apple Watch SE. Not only that, the company also unveiled the 8th-generation iPad and a brand new, redesigned iPad Air. All of which is eligible for the new AppleCare+ coverage.

Do you pay the money for AppleCare+? Are you happy with this change?