Apple rumored to delay upcoming advertising privacy feature in iOS 14

One of the core elements of Apple’s iOS is privacy and security. However, the company is not against reconsidering some decisions in this regard, at least in part.

According to a report fromĀ The Information, Apple is considering delaying a new feature in iOS 14 that has led many publishers to fear for their ad revenue. Facebook has publicly decried the incoming feature more than once. And, just recently, a report detailed how publishers are bracing for impact when it comes to ad sales due to Apple’s decisions.

Apple’s changes in privacy in iOS 14 would see users asked if they want to be tracked across websites and apps. In many people’s eyes, especially publishers, this will see many people opting out. If that is indeed the case, publishers believe ad sales will decline quite a bit. As much as 40%, even.

Now, according to this report, Apple may delay the default feature:

Apple has told some developers that it plans to delay the enforcement of a controversial change to its next mobile operating system that would upend how ads are targeted on iPhones and iPads, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple’s ad tracking feature has not been a welcomed addition to iOS 14 from publishers right out of the gate. And with more voices rising to the top saying it’s bad, it sounds like Apple is reconsidering its deployment. However, even if AppleĀ is considering delaying the feature, that doesn’t mean the company will scrap it entirely.

But, the report does indicate Apple has heard the complaints and is at least weighing the options.

Mobile advertising is a huge element of browsing the internet, and there’s no getting around that. Of course, avoiding ads is something a lot of people do. And Apple baking in the feature to stop tracking across sites and apps was a positive addition for some iOS users. Still, Apple may be trying to find a happy balance — especially considering it has to sell apps, too:

Spending on ads to drive mobile app downloads is expected to reach roughly $76 billion globally this year, according to the ad tech firm AppsFlyer, which made the estimate early this year before the coronavirus pandemic took hold and Apple announced its IDFA change. These ads particularly fuel free-to-play games that monetize through in-app purchases, which in turn provide revenue to Apple through the 30% cut it takes from such transactions through its store.

Apple hasn’t announced or confirmed anything at this point, and that probably won’t change before the public launch of iOS 14. It will be interesting to hear from the company if they do delay the feature, or cancel it entirely.

What do you think? Are you hoping this feature sticks around?