Apple’s new iPhone ad reinforces privacy-first message

Apple this morning shared a new advertisement through its official YouTube channel, and it’s about the iPhone, privacy and poking fun at rivals.

While it’s hardly the company’s first privacy-focused iPhone commercial, the new 60-second video is amusing in depicting random people in public places telling the person next to them private information, like the fact they’ve been browsing for a divorce attorney or using the same email address to login for everything. The ad is a subtle dig at competitors because it’s implied that only the iPhone offers the highest privacy protections in a smartphone.

“Some things shouldn’t be shared,” reads the tagline. “iPhone keeps it that way.”

And here it is.

Song:Diamonds Cutting Diamonds” by Lydia Ainsworth

“Some things shouldn’t be shared,” reads the feature’s description. “That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.”

How doe you like this latest ad from Apple?

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