Sword-swinging fantasy meets marble mania in “Marble Knights,” due soon on Apple Arcade

The adventure game “Marble Knights” from WayForward Technologies is coming to Apple Arcade, the iPhone maker’s game-subscriptions service for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS.

Introducing “Marble Knights”

Here’s how developer describes the game:

Sword-swinging fantasy meets marble mania! Roll into battle with Orbin, Marabelle and the other Knights of the Round to defend King Rolland and the Kingdom of Roundingham from the evil Lord Terroball. Armed with your blade, your wits and a variety of orb-based powers, you’ll smite foes, solve puzzles and embark on an epic fantasy journey with up to three other players.

“Marble Knights” will be launching across the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV as a free download as part of your Apple Arcade subscription.

Other titles that are scheduled to launch on the Apple Arcade service in the near future include the puzzle game “A Monster’s Expedition”, the action-adventure title “World’s End Club”. and the eagerly-anticipated open world adventure game “The Pathless.”

Apple Arcade availability

Apple Arcade is a video game-subscription service that provides more than a hundred games in exchange for five bucks per month (a free one-month trial is available). The majority of titles are Apple Arcade exclusives and playable across the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

All Apple Arcade titles work without an Internet connection, serve no ads, include no in-app purchases whatsoever and sync progress across devices via iCloud. The service supports the Family Sharing feature allowing a single subscription to be shared with a family of six.

To learn more, visit apple.com/apple-arcade.