The best free weather apps for your Mac

Almost everyone uses a weather app. You have weather apps on iPhone and iPad, and you can check the weather on your Apple Watch and Apple TV too. So why not on Mac?

Sure, you can easily ask Siri for the weather, but some people want a bit more than just the current conditions.

We’ve shown you handy ways to get the weather from your Mac menu bar, but here we’ll show you additional weather apps for Mac that use not just your menu bar but your Dock and desktop too. Best of all, they’re free!

Best free weather apps for Mac

The best free Mac weather apps

Macs, even ones on the latest macOS Monterey, do not have a built-in Weather app. So, you will have to check the weather in your Mac’s browser or use one of the excellent third-party weather apps.

1. iWeather – Forecast App

iWeather - Weather forecast app for Mac

iWeather is a totally free weather app for your Mac. After opening it, add your desired cities, and that’s all you need to do! The app will show you beautiful, rich weather details for the cities you add.

Everything is easy to use and understand. You get hourly weather forecasts for the day and can also see the forecast for the next seven days.

The addition of macOS widgets, dark mode, sunrise, sunset, wind speed, and air quality are excellent additions. Plus, you can download iWeather on your iOS device, and it will automatically sync all your added cities via iCloud.

The app is updated for Apple silicon and also works on Intel-based Macs.

  • Availability: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Cost: Free

Download iWeather

2. Weather Dock: Desktop Forecast

Weather Dock app on Mac

You can see the current temperature and conditions right in your Mac Dock with Weather Dock. This gives you a nice, unobtrusive way to see what’s happening outside with a bit of animation. But the app shows you even more when you click that Dock icon.

For your current conditions, you can see beyond the temperature with options for wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, rain amount, sunrise and sunset times, and the feels like temperature.

To the right, you’ll see what’s ahead for the next few days. See the highs and lows, whether it’ll rain or be cloudy, and a brief summary of the days.

Weather Dock lets you customize a few settings as well. You can adjust the Dock icon’s text color, animation speed, weather type, and badge info. So if you want to see tomorrow’s forecast or the feels like temperature instead, it’s a simple adjustment.

For a great free weather app that gives you a quick view or lengthier forecast, check out Weather Dock for Mac.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: Free, but there is a one-time in-app purchase to receive a seven-day forecast, hourly weather, multiple locations, and ad-removal

Download Weather Dock

3. Weather Widget Desktop

Weather Widget Desktop app on Mac

Maybe you’d like to keep the weather on your desktop. From the same company that brings you Weather Dock, check out Weather Widget Desktop.

You can choose from three different widget styles – sleek, modern, or minimal and adjust the size and opacity. Depending on the design you select, the widget can display a clock, chance of precipitation, sunrise and sunset times, the date, and the highs and lows for the upcoming days.

You also get the current temperature in your menu bar and can use the Dock icon to get additional weather details with a click.

If you like having the weather always displayed, Weather Widget Desktop is the Mac weather app for you.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: Free, but there is a one-time in-app purchase to receive a seven-day forecast, hourly weather, multiple locations, ad-removal, and more widget styles

Download Weather Widget Desktop

4. Forecast Bar – Weather + Radar

Forecast Bar app on Mac

We first introduced you to this next app in our article about getting the weather in your menu bar. And since the app is pretty terrific, we’re listing it here too. Forecast Bar gives you a ton of customization options to get exactly what you want out of a weather app.

You can keep the icon in your menu bar or Dock and choose the style, customize the weather summary, show an hourly graph, select your weather source, receive weather notifications, and much more.

When you click the icon to open the app, you’ll see all of your current weather details plus what’s ahead for your week. Click your current conditions for more like dew point, humidity, wind speed and direction, pressure, visibility, UV index, and sunrise and sunset times.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac
  • Cost: Free along with subscription plans for various update intervals, animated radar, a daily weather report, and more

Download Forecast Bar

5. WeatherBug – Weather Forecasts and Alerts

WeatherBug app on Mac

If you’re a WeatherBug fan and use the app on your other devices, check out the one available for Mac. This app sits nicely in your menu bar displaying the current temperature and conditions. Then, just click the icon for additional details.

You’ll see the location, time, temperature, feels like temperature, chance of precipitation, an hourly forecast, and live radar map.

Save multiple locations, arrange them how you like, and jump to the weather for another spot with a click. You’ll also see if there are weather alerts, can adjust the unit settings, and choose a minimal display for the menu bar.

For current WeatherBug users, you can sign into your account from the app if you like. But you can use it without an account. If you like what WeatherBug provides on your iPhone or iPad, download it for free on Mac too.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows, and the web
  • Cost: Free

Download WeatherBug

Use your favorite iOS weather app on Mac

There aren’t many free macOS weather apps to choose from. However, if you have a Mac with Apple silicon (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and its successors), you can most likely use your favorite iPhone or iPad weather app on your Mac. To do this:

  1. Open Mac’s App Store and search for weather.
  2. Click iPhone & iPad apps to see the list of apps that can run on both macOS and iOS.
  3. Download any app you like!
Weather apps on Mac

When it comes to getting the weather, you have tons of apps to choose from, depending on your taste and preference. But if you want a simple, free weather app for Mac, any of these are great picks.

Do you use one of these apps already, or is there a different app you use for getting weather on your Mac that’s free? Let us know!

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