The rumored 14-inch MacBook Pro may now launch in 2021

The rumor mill has been suggesting a new, redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro could see the light of day “soon” for quite a while now. The latest rumor says we’ll be waiting a bit longer.

Is there a reason for a 14-inch MacBook Pro these days? One could argue probably not, considering Apple now offers the 16- and 13-inch MacBook Pro variants with the slimmer bezels around the Retina displays. But at least one leaker suggests the 14-inch model is still in the works, and that the device may launch in 2021. And that’s about it! Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information to go on here.

See for yourself:

This is an anonymously-run Twitter account that, up to this point, actually has a pretty good track record when it comes to revealing Apple secrets before they are officially official. If you’ll recall this is the Twitter account that revealed details about the new iPhone SE before Apple got around to announcing it. The account also informed us that new iPad Pro models would see the light of day before the end of March, too.

So while there might not be a lot of information here, it’s coming from a source that seems to be relatively spot on so far.

Of course, the inclusion of the “in my dream” part could suggest that this anonymous Twitter user is just making their wishful thinking public and that’s it. There are certainly some folks out there in the wild who would like to see a 14-inch MacBook Pro, as the rumors circulating recently picked up plenty of steam. However, with the smaller bezels for both the 13- and 16-inch models now the new normal, a 14-inch MacBook Pro might not make sense in the lineup.

What do you think? Should Apple discontinue the 13-inch MacBook Pro in favor of a 14-inch model that could be introduced next year? Let us know what you think in the comments!