Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AirDropConfirm, Audicy, SwipeExtenderX, and more…

Dealing with this COVID-19 situation has been tough for many, but at least you can spend your free time tinkering with your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

In this roundup, we’ll discuss all the latest jailbreak tweaks to be released from Monday, March 30th to Sunday, April 5th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

AirDropConfirm – FREE

Not to hate on AirDrop, but it can be a little too easy to share files with someone else by accident. That’s because it only takes one tap to initiate a file transfer, and there really isn’t a way to cancel that transfer.

AirDropConfirm is a new and free jailbreak tweak that solves this problem by adding a confirmation message to the AirDrop interface. In doing so, you have to specifically confirm that you want to send a file before you do.

You can learn more about AirDropConfirm and how to get it in our full review.

Audicy – $3.49

Audicy is a useful utility for jailbroken devices that lets users import media to their handset’s native libraries, including Music, Videos, Podcasts, Ringtones, and Camera Roll without the use of a computer.

The tweak integrates seamlessly into iOS’ native share sheet and downloading system, allowing users to trim media, add metadata, and import without so much as a hitch.

You can learn more about Audicy and how it works in our full review.

SwipeExtenderX – $2.49

The iPhone has one of the best software keyboards in the smartphone industry, but there’s always room for improvement. You may not feel like there’s need for improvement, however, until you catch a glimpse of a new jailbreak tweak called SwipeExtenderX.

This tweak integrates more than 20 new features into iOS’ native keyboard interface, allowing for useful shortcuts that can make text-editing and general texting easier on a smaller screen.

You can learn more about SwipeExtenderX and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

BetterSettingsFix: Fixes a bug with he headers in BetterSettings on iOS 13 (free via Packix repository)

ChinesePaymentBar: An extension for BottomToolBar that helps you use famous Chinese payment apps (free via Packix repository)

Clockator: Brings haptic feedback to iOS’ native Clock application (free via BigBoss repository – review)

DockX 13: Brings iPhone X-centric Dock features to older iPhones on iOS 13 (free via BigBoss or Twickd repository)

FingerLock: A fun and awesome way to unlock your device (free via Twickd repository – review)

Folded: A more advanced tweak for enhancing your iPhone’s folders (free via Packix repository – review)

Foldr: A simple tweak for enhancing your iPhone’s folders (free via BigBoss repository)

GesUnedrX: Ports the iPhone X-style gestures, Status Bar, and more to older iPhones (free via BigBoss repository)

iPicMyContactsX: Force contact photos to appear in the Contacts app list ($1.50 via Packix repository)

Messenger No Ads: Hides ads from the Facebook Messenger app (free via BigBoss repository)

NoZoomJB: Disables the jailbreak alert message in the Zoom app (free via Twickd repository)

PokeBar: Brings Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow-style notification banners to jailbroken iOS 13 devices (free via Packix repository – review)

QQMusicHDLoginFix: Fixes a crash when attempt to log in to the QQMusic app (free via BigBoss repository)

Rofi: An application shortcut launcher tweak (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Secret Message: Lets you hide the contents of notifications ($1.99 via Twickd repository)

TabBaraptic: Brings haptic feedback to tab bars system-wide (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

TransparentNotif: Cleans up the aesthetics of your incoming notification banners (free via BigBoss repository)

UltaPowerSavingMode: Claims to be the most advanced power saving jailbreak tweak to date (free via Packix repository – review)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

If you’re looking for more tweaks, then consider adding third-party Cydia repositories to your device to expand your scope and check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup in case you missed anything special. We also have several dedicated roundups to help you find cool ways to tweak your jailbroken iOS device below:

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