Apple, Goldman Sachs will let Apple Card owners defer April payments as well due to coronavirus

The global coronavirus pandemic continues, which means many people are still negatively impacted by the disease COVID-19. So Apple and Goldman Sachs are making it a bit easier for Apple Card owners, at least for another month.

According to a report from Bloomberg today, Apple and Goldman Sachs, the bank that Apple partnered with to launch the Apple Card in 2019, will allow owners of the credit card to defer their April payment. In addition, if an Apple Card owner does defer their April payment they can do so without incurring any interest.

To defer their April payment, Apple Card owners must message a support representative through the Wallet app on their iPhone. And for those who deferred their March payment as well, you’ll still need to speak to the support rep to get your April payment deferred — it won’t simply carry over to this month.

Here’s the brief statement from Apple on the matter, which was sent out in an email to Apple Card customers:

We understand that the Covid-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments,” Apple wrote in an email to card customers. “If you previously enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program in March, you will need to enroll again.

As I mentioned above, Apple and Goldman let Apple Card customers defer their payments in March without incurring interest. Considering things have not improved for many people all around the world, it’s good to see the companies still working with customers to help alleviate some of the financial burden they might be feeling right now.