Apple Card owners impacted by coronavirus can skip March payment without interest [Updated]

The iPhone maker has decided to permit its Apple Card customers who are feeling COVID-19 coronavirus impact to skip their March payment without incurring any interest charges whatsoever, as long as they sign up for the company’s Customer Assistance Program.

Update (04/01/2020)Apple has pushed forward another month. Apple Card owners can now also defer their April payment without incurring any interest as well, per Bloomberg.

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The move was designed to help some of the people who are now being forced to stay at home and work remotely minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus. According to a Reddit post two days ago detailing Apple Card’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cupertino tech giant recently emailed Apple Card customers with the following message:

We understand that the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments.

The rest of the message instructs customers who need assistance to talk to Apple Card Support via Messages and ask to be enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program, “which will allow you to skip your March payment without incurring interest charges.”

In other words, you must specifically tell Apple to enroll you in this program.

Folks who don’t ask to be enrolled are expected to meet their March payment as usual. Deferring March payment should have no impact on your account other than carrying the same balance for the month. Also, deferring your payment won’t affect your credit score.

An Apple support representative has acknowledged as much, allegedly confirming to a customer that no payments are required while enrolled in this program.

“Your credit score will not be effected,” a representative said.

Apple last Saturday announced proactive measures to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.