Apple Music launches new playlists to lift your spirits while stuck at home

Being in lockdown is the new normal for a lot of people all across the globe as the coronavirus pandemic continues, and companies like Apple are trying to find ways to help lift folks’ spirits to help them cope with it all.

That continues today for Apple Music subscribers, as reported by¬†Engadget. The company has just launched seven new playlists as part of a new “Come Together” section within the service. You can find it within the Browse section of the app, and it has prominent billing at the top of the section for quick and easy access. The newest playlists Apple launched are also at the top within the dedicated section.

Clicking through will get you to seven new playlists to help you lift your spirits and much more, covering all sorts of moods and genres.

I broke down each of the playlists just below to help you find one that might catch your attention.

  • Work From Home Hustle: “For those fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, motivation isn’t always the easiest thing to come by. Lucky for us, hip-hop is filled with the type of inspirational screeds that push us to get it — no matter where we are.”
  • Isolation Icebreakers: “Sometimes it takes challenging circumstances to reveal what someone means to you. But how to go about expressing that without making it feel like an ambush? A little music, perhaps.”
  • Virtual Hugs: “Sometimes you just need to switch up the mood, to shut out the noise and feel the love. Especially in times like right now.”
  • Home-School-Strumentals: “With schools closed and learning going remote, it’s pretty easy for homework to get completely derailed. Help keep the studying on track with some lo-fi, low-key hip-hop and electronic beats…”
  • Living Room Dance Party: “The beauty of the living room dance party is that it works whether you’re with family or hanging solo — or even if you don’t have a living room. Blast these feel-good pop and dance tunes…”
  • Astral Escape: “You may be stuck inside, but there’s more than one way to go on a journey. This heady mix featuring electronic, indie, and R&B…”
  • Social Distancing Social Club: “A big, fat chorus can do something that’s hard to come by these days: make people feel closer together, like we’re all experiencing the same emotion at the same time — no matter if we’re all stuck at home miles apart. This playlist full of hits for the whole family can make any living room feel like an arena.”

So there are the new options. This comes hot on the heels of Apple Music promoting a variety of different playlists to help families find kid-friendly music to listen to while they’re all stuck at home. And the music streaming service also recently debuted a brand new “Get Up! Mix” playlist that can be found in the For You section, which is updated weekly.

It’s good to see Apple trying to spice things up in these troubling times, even if they are just music playlists.