Apple Music adds ‘Get Up! Mix’ AI-generated playlist to keep things upbeat

Apple has decided now is the right time to launch a new AI-generated playlist to its music streaming service, Apple Music. And this one’s all about keeping things a little upbeat.

Apple toldĀ Engadget recently that the brand new “Get Up! Mix” is meant to be a little bit more upbeat than the other curated playlists you might find in the For You section of the service. In fact, according to the company, this new mix of songs is meant to consist of “happy-making, smile-finding, sing-alonging music”, which is put together through AI generation and with the assistance from human editors as well.

The new Get Up! Mix will be updated on a weekly basis. It will add a variety of songs from artists you are familiar with, and, probably, already have saved and/or favorited. The design is to promote “good vibes” while listening to the playlist, but the original report does say there is a “promise of discovering new music”, too, so you could find some new favorites while listening through.

Apple began rolling out the playlist on Monday, so Apple Music subscribers should already be seeing it in their For You section. It will be right at the top, where you’ll find the “New Music Mix” and “Favorites Mix”, and what not.

You can also ask Siri to “Play Get Up Mix” and the digital assistant will queue up music from the new playlist.

My initial Get Up! Mix consists of 25 songs, so just under an hour and a half of music. While there might be a promise to discover new music along the way, my initial playlist doesn’t include any new artists quite yet, so hopefully that happens at some point down the road.

It’s certainly not a playlist for your animal(s), but it could be a pretty worthwhile experience. So far, though, it feels sort of like a “Favorites Mix 2.0”, at least in my initial playlist. But what do you think of the new Get Up! Mix? If you’ve checked it out, do you think it fits Apple’s vision of an upbeat playlist? Let us know in the comments below.