Spotify launches a playlists for pets based on ‘music you love’

Do you love music? Do you love musicĀ so much that you think your pet(s) might like to listen to it, too? Well, Spotify has you covered.

Revealed this week, Spotify has just unveiled a playlist for pets, built upon the music you listen to. You’ll have to have a Spotify account to build the playlist. From there, you’ll be able to pick your pet: dog, cat, hamster, iguana, or bird. All of the animals have pretty adorable artwork, too.

From there, you’ll be able to choose the type of music you want to build for your pet. The slider will let you choose between “Relaxed” and “Energetic”. And a spot in the middle, too, depending on what you want to create.

And then you’ll get to choose your pet’s characteristic, somewhere between “Shy” and “Friendly”. Finally, you can choose between “Apathetic” and “Curious”. Again, the animation here is really pretty great.

And then just for fun you can add your pet’s name, too, and even add a picture of your pet. Once you’ve gone through the steps you’ll get the playlist built for you, which, in my case, put 30 songs together. It includes some artists I recognize and quite a few I don’t.

This is all very silly, but it also shows just how confident Spotify is in its playlist game. The company has made a name for itself over the years by building some fantastic options for each individual user, so now Spotify can have a bit of fun.

I wouldn’t expect Apple Music to launch anything like this anytime soon. If ever.

Who’s building a playlist for their pet today?