iOS 13.4 beta 2 makes another change to the Mail toolbar

Back when Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 13.4 to developers, it was discovered the company had made a small, but important, change to the Mail toolbar.

And it looks like the company is not quite done making some minor tweaks to the interface just yet. Here is a quick refresher: Before the first developer beta of iOS 13.4, the stock Mail app’s toolbar was not the greatest when it comes to functionality. Specifically, the toolbar only featured two options: reply and delete. There was a lot of white space present, with plenty of people pointing out it could be used for more options.

With the first developer beta of iOS 13.4, Apple made some changes. With the updated pre-release software, the new toolbar not only features reply and delete, but also a quick way to flag an email and also move it to a different folder if they want. It reduced the white space while also offering up more helpful options to users.

But Apple is making another change with the second developer beta of iOS 13.4 (via MacRumors). The change is in the compose option, which is now in the far right of the toolbar. The first developer beta of iOS 13.4 put the reply option there, but now in the second the reply option is next to the compose function. The delete icon is still present on the far left, and the option to move the message to a folder is just to the right of that.

The flag option is gone from the toolbar. At least on the surface. The original report notes that if you still want to flag an email you can — you’ll just need to tap the reply icon first.

There is no telling if this change will be the last. There will probably be several more beta seeds of iOS 13.4, which leaves plenty of room for additional tweaks.

Still, what do you think of this latest design? Should Apple stick with this?