You can now use Yubico’s NFC physical security keys with your account

If you have upgraded your security with an NFC-based physical security key from Yubico, you can now use it as a second factor authentication for your account.

This gives you an extra layer of protection when using 1Password.

Support for using Yubico’s keys with your account requires version 7.4.5 of the app. “1Password now supports two-factor authentication using your YubiKey via Near Field Communication (NFC),” according to the changelog.

For those unaware, 1Password supports using U2F-compatible security keys.

If you own one of these physical dongles, you can now use it as a second factor method in supported web browsers instead of a six-digit authentication code.

Security keys for two-factor physical authentication on an iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices are available starting at $70 a pop from Yubico and other vendors.

Last March, the World Wide Web Consortium approved a new Web Authentication (WebAuthn) standard for password-free logins in compatible web browsers. Apple’s own Safari browser in iOS 13.3 and macOS Catalina 10.15.3 supports physical FIDO2 security keys that work over the NFC, USB and Lightning protocols.

1Password for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac is a free download from App Store.