How to disable Netflix autoplay previews that roll as you’re browsing the service

How to disable Netflix autoplay previews tutorial

Netflix autoplay previews can be quite annoying if you prefer to browse the service without previews playing as soon as you roll over a piece of content. Although Netflix defaults to automatically playing video previews, you can turn off the feature at will with a few clicks. Just follow our step-by-step tutorial and we’ll show you how to disable Netflix autoplay previews.

Two post-play settings on Netflix

Netflix explains in a support document that it provides two post-play settings.

The first setting determines whether Netflix should automatically play the next episode of a show without needing to manually select it, which is perfect for binge-watching. If you’d like to stop Netflix from autoplaying next episodes in a series, consult our dedicated tutorial.

The second post-play setting that can be adjusted from the web interface controls whether Netflix should automatically play previews when select shows are highlighted.

That super-handy setting went into effect on February 6.

Netflix autoplay previews settings

The setting is only available on the web so use a browser to log in to your Netflix account and adjust it to your liking. You cannot change that setting directly from the Netflix app.

Follow along with iDB’s step-by-step tutorial included ahead to learn how you can disable Netflix autoplay previews while browsing the service on all your devices.

How to disable Netflix autoplay previews

Follow the steps below to disable Netflix autoplay previews while browsing the service.

1) Log in to your Netflix account via a desktop web browser.

2) Click the option Manage Profiles., then hit the user profile for which you want to disable Netflix autoplay previews when browsing the service.

3) Untick the option labeled with the text “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”.

4) Lastly, click Save to remember you changes or Cancel to abort the operation.

Netflix autoplay previews settings

Netflix cautions there might be a delay “before the setting takes affect” so keep that in mind.

According to the feature’s description, you can force an update by switching to another profile, then switching back in order to reload your profile with the updated setting.

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As I said before, this particular post-play feature on Netflix is set at the profile level so don’t forget to repeat the steps above for each profile you have set up under your account.

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