How to download shows on Apple TV+ to watch offline

Apple TV+ Download Mac

The Apple TV+ streaming service gives you a great way to watch something new with its original shows and convenient channels. Another perk of the service is that you can download shows to watch offline. This is terrific if you’re traveling or simply going to be without internet.

If you’re preparing to head someplace where streaming isn’t an option, we’ll show you how to download shows to watch offline and where to access them once you do.

Download for offline viewing

Open the TV app on your Mac or iOS device and browse or search for a show that you want to download.

If it’s available for download, you’ll see the Download option as a button on Mac and a cloud with an arrow icon on iPhone or iPad.

Apple TV+ Download Mac

You might need to pause the download in progress. On Mac, click the Download button in the toolbar of the TV app. Click Pause Downloads. The button will change to Resume Downloads after you click it so that you can continue the download when you’re ready.

Apple TV+ Download Paused Mac

On iPhone or iPad, just tap the Stop button. You can tap the download icon again when you are ready to continue.

Apple TV+ Download Paused iPhone

Access your download

After you download a show on any of your devices, you’ll find it in the Library section of the TV app. Depending on the type, it may be under Movies or TV Shows in the menu on the left.

Apple TV+ Downloaded Show Mac

When you’re ready to watch, just select your show and enjoy.

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Wrapping it up

Being able to stream shows on your device is wonderful but having the option to download shows when you need to is even better. So don’t forget about this feature of Apple TV+ when you need it.

What are your thoughts on Apple TV+? Have you already signed up and started watching? Let us know!