How to download shows and movies on Apple TV+ to watch offline

One of the perks of the Apple TV+ streaming service is that you can download shows to watch offline. This is terrific if you’re traveling or simply going to be without an internet connection. So if you’re preparing to head some place where streaming isn’t an option, we’ll show you how to download shows to watch offline on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and where to access them once you do.

TV show and movie downloads in TV app on iPad

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Download Apple TV+ shows and movies for offline viewing

On iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the TV app and browse or search the show you want to download.
  2. Tap the three dots button next to the TV show episode, movie, or event and choose Download.
Download a show in Apple TV on iPhone

On Mac

  1. Open the TV app and find the show you want to download.
  2. Go to the show or movie page and click the download button (cloud with an arrow).
Download a show in Apple TV on Mac

Access and manage your downloads

After you download a show on any of your devices, you’ll find it in the Library section of the TV app. When you’re ready to watch, just select your show and enjoy.

Downloaded shows in Mac TV app

You can swipe left on a downloaded item on iPhone or iPad and tap Delete. On Mac, click the three dots icon and choose Delete from Library.


  • In addition to Apple TV+, you can download shows from other subscribed channels inside the TV app. Downloads for most Apple TV channels are available for up to 30 days. Plus, some channels can limit the number of titles and devices you can download at one time.
  • You cannot download shows for offline viewing on Apple TV (the physical streaming box from Apple), compatible-smart TVs and devices, or on Apple TV web (
  • If you cancel your subscription or it has been a long while since you downloaded a show or movie, you can go to the downloads section and renew the download by tapping its name and hitting the Download Again to Renew button.
Download Again to Renew in Apple TV app on iPhone

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