How to customize the list appearance in Reminders on Mac

Reminders Mac Change Colors Icons

The revamped and redesigned Reminders app on Mac has some terrific new features as of macOS Catalina. Just like on the latest iOS, you can add subtasks, group lists, and integrate with Messages. Along with these useful options, you can change the appearance of your lists.

While the look and feel may not be a huge deal, it can help you to organize your lists better to see what you need at a glance. Whether with color, an icon, or both, here’s how to customize the list appearance in Reminders on Mac.

Customize the list appearance on Mac

Pop open your Reminders app on Mac and make sure that you’ve upgraded the app to version 7.0 or later after installing macOS Catalina. Then follow these steps to change the appearance of a list.

1) Right-click or hold Control and click the list in the Reminders sidebar.

2) Choose Show Info from the pop-out menu.

Reminders Mac Show List Info

3) When the small window opens at the top, click the icon on the left of the list name.

4) Click to pick a new color and/or icon for your list.

Optionally, you can change the name of your list.

5) Click OK.

Reminders Mac Colors Icons

Better list organization

By using colors, you can customize similar lists like those for work, home, or school. You have 12 different colors to pick from.

And by using icons, you have indicators of what the lists are for without even reading the name. There are 60 icons, from education to transportation to travel, and more.

Reminders Mac Lists

Use the colors and icons to your advantage so that you can grab the list you need at a glance.

Wrapping it up

What do you think of the updated Reminders app? Is there a specific feature that you’ve been waiting for that’s finally arrived? Let us know below!

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