Jailbreak tweaks of the week: CCBrightnessExtended, Docky, Storage3D, and more

If you’re happily jailbroken on iOS 11 or 12, then you’re likely wondering what you should install on your device to make it less boring. Fortunately, this jailbreak tweak roundup can help.

In this roundup, we’ll talk about all the jailbreak tweaks released from Monday, September 2nd to Sunday, September 8th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorites and then wrap everything else up in an outline afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

CCBrightnessExtended – FREE

CCBrightnessExtended is a no-brainer jailbreak tweak that augments Control Center’s display brightness module with an automatic display brightness toggle button.

The newfangled button sits beside the Night Shift toggle button, and it saves users a trip from visiting the Settings app, which is super convenient.

You can learn more about CCBrightnessExtended in our full review.

Docky – FREE

If you remember the classic jailbreak tweak Infinidock, and you miss having that sort of functionality on your modern jailbroken handset, then you’re in luck.

Docky brings Infinidock-like features and much more to jailbroken devices, allowing you to break free of the traditional 4-icon limit.

You can learn more about Docky and how it works in our full review.

Storage3D – FREE

If you wish there was an easier way to check your iPhone’s available storage space, then you’ll probably like a newly released jailbreak tweak called Storage3D.

This tweak lets you use a 3D Touch gesture (or Haptic Touch where applicable) on your Settings app icon to view your device’s remaining storage space.

You can learn more about how the tweak works and where you can get it in our full review.

Other releases this week

AFakerX: Several fun tweaks in one, such hiding an app with a password, choosing a fake battery level, choosing a fake carrier name (free via Packix repository)

BetterWallSet: Makes the Cancel and Set buttons when choosing a wallpaper transparent (free via Packix repository)

ClearDock12: Removes the background from the Dock on the Home screen (free via Packix repository – review)

IconState: Lets you preserve application icon layouts between device power cycles (free via Nepeta’s repository)

LocationFakerX: Lets you fake your location in virtually any app (free via BigBoss repository)

LongerCallButton: Makes the Call button in the Phone app easier to tap by extending its width (free via Packix repository – review)

NeoFetch-iOS: Lets you grab system information in a command line with NeoFetch on iOS (free via Packix repository)

NoBigTitlesZebra: Remove the large titles in the navigation bar of the Zebra package manager app (free via Packix repository)

Rhino: Lets you download media from the official Instagram app (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Smoothie: Enables infinite scrolling on the Home screen (free via Nepeta repository – review)

TunnelFolders: A tunnel effect when opening folders (free via BigBoss repository)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

If you’re looking for more tweaks, then consider adding third-party Cydia repositories to your device to expand your scope and check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup in case you might’ve missed anything. We also have several dedicated roundups to help you find ways to tweak your jailbroken iOS 11 and/or 12 device below:

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak released this week? Share in the comments section below.