How to use or turn off the Metronome in GarageBand on Mac and iOS

The Metronome in GarageBand offers a steady beat that helps you keep time when you’re recording or just listening to your song. The feature also uses a one-measure Count-in so that you can get ready when you’re recording a song, just like you hear live bands do when performing.

You can turn the Metronome and Count-in on and off as well as adjust the Count-in bars on both Mac and iOS, and this tutorial shows you how.


Using the Metronome and Count-in on Mac

First, we’ll show you how to turn the Metronome on and off, change the tone or volume, and then move on to the Count-in option.

Turning the Metronome on and off

Head up to the main toolbar in GarageBand and click the Metronome button. It’s highlighted in purple when it’s on and turns gray when you hit the button to turn it off.

GarageBand Metronome Mac

Adjusting the Metronome settings

You may want to use a different tone for the Metronome or just make it louder or softer. Just follow these steps to do both:

1) Click GarageBand > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the Metronome tab.

3) Move the sliders for Tone and/or Volume.

GarageBand Metronome Settings Mac

Using the Count-in feature

The Count-in button is directly to the left of the Metronome button in the GarageBand toolbar and can be turned on and off the same way.

To adjust the bars for the Count-in, either click and hold the button or select Record > Count-in from your menu bar. Both options let you pick from None, 1 Bar, or 2 Bars.

GarageBand Metronome CountIn Mac

Using the Metronome and Count-in on iOS

The Metronome and Count-in features on iPhone and iPad are just as easy as they are on Mac. You can turn them off and on and adjust their settings.

On your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see the Metronome button at the top of the GarageBand window. It’s colored blue when it’s on and gray when you tap to turn it off.

GarageBand Metronome iPhone

Unlike on Mac, there is no button for the Count-in. But to turn it on and off, as well as adjust settings for the Metronome, you’re going to head to the same place:

1) Open the Song Settings. On iPhone, tap the Gear icon on the top right. On iPad, tap the Wrench icon.

2) Pick Metronome and Count-in.

3) Here, you can turn the toggles on or off for the Count-in as well as a Visual Count-in for when you’re ready to record.

Next, you can pick a different sound for the Metronome with a tap, like Click or Woodblock.

At the bottom, you can adjust the level of the Metronome.

4) Tap Done when you finish with your adjustments.

GarageBand Metronome CountIn iPad

The Metronome is helpful for keeping your beat, and the Count-in feature is useful when you’re recording so that you can get prepared. Both features are easy to use or turn off if you prefer.

What are your thoughts on these two GarageBand features? Do you find them helpful when composing your music? Let us know in the comments below!

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