Jailbreak tweaks of the week: EnableMeAhora, FluidTabs, Glance, and more

If you’re jailbroken and you’re looking for new ways to trick out your pwned handset, then you’ve come to the right place.

This roundup will discuss all the latest jailbreak tweaks released from Monday, August 12th to Sunday, August 18th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by talking about our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

EnableMeAhora – $0.65

For those who are always looking for new and exciting ways to trick out their jailbroken handsets, a new jailbreak tweak release called EnableMeAhora is a great place to start.

EnableMeAhora lets you colorize and reshape the toggle switches and scroll bars in your Settings app any way you’d like. It can be used to achieve a completely custom aesthetic, or to match an existing theme you already have installed.

You can learn more about EnableMeAhora in our full review.

FluidTabs – FREE

As you use certain apps on your iPhone, you’ll notice that some can be navigated with a tab bar that appears at the bottom of the app.

FluidTabs is a free jailbreak tweak that lets you move between tabs with a swipe gesture rather than tapping on the aforementioned tabs. It’s a quick and native-feeling gesture that will feel right at home with all the other iOS-centric gestures you use on a regular basis.

You can learn more about FluidTabs in our full review.

Glance – $1.49

Glance is an OLED-friendly Lock screen redesign that takes your current battery level into account. It always displays the battery percentage right underneath the date and time, and best of all, it complements your handset when it charges with a custom charging animation.

Glance is fully configurable, complete with custom aesthetics and functionalities that help your Lock screen look spiffy enough for any occasion, and battery hawks will love it because it’s informative.

You can learn more about Glance and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

(Activator) Notification Center Toggle Plugin: Makes it possible to dismiss Notification Center with Activator (free via amooose’s beta repository)

Batchomatic: Lets jailbreakers batch install packages on their jailbroken handset (free via BigBoss repository)

Bedrock: Brings Minecraft’s funny splash screen messages to your iPhone’s Lock screen ($1.00 via Packix repository – review)

Carbon Dark Mode: A new and efficient dark mode jailbreak tweak for iOS 12 devices ($1.50 via Packix repository – review)

CydiaSmallTabs: Makes the tab bar smaller in the Cydia app (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

FullPhotoPreview: Show full image previews in the Photos app (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

ModernSwitcher: A redesigned App Switcher interface (free via mtac’s beta repository – review)

NoWiggleDoneBTN: Removes the “Done” button from the Home screen when in ‘jiggle’ editing mode (free via Packix repository)

PanCake: Brings the swipe back gesture to all apps, including those that don’t already support it (free via Packix repository)

Quickie: Disables all SpringBoard and folder animations for speed (free via Packix repository)

SpinThatRecord: Makes the album artwork in the Spotify app spin like a vinyl record (free via menushka’s beta repository – review)

SpotifyAutoPlay: Makes Spotify automatically play tracks for certain URL schemes (free via udevs’ beta repository)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

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