Apple Pay on the Web expands to Safari on the iPhone and iPad for StubHub customers

Apple Pay is one of Apple’s most popular services to date, but it’s availability is still missing in some areas. StubHub is aiming to close the gap a bit.

As noted on Thursday by AppleInsider, Apple Pay on the Web has been supported in Safari for quite some time on macOS. For StubHub visitors and ticket buyers, gaining tickets will be easier thanks to expanded support in Safari.

StubHub is a giant ticketing service, handling an array of public events, and it is expanding its support for Apple technologies and bringing Apple Pay on the Web support to Safari for iOS (and future iPadOS) users. This means that StubHub customers will be able to use Apple Pay to finalize a transaction directly from within Safari, rather than having to rely on the app itself.

We do anticipate that more fans will use Apple Pay for their ticket purchases,” StubHub’s Global Product and Communications Senior Manager Brad Glasser said in a statement regarding the addition “Now that the method is available on more platforms, we’ll see an organic increase in traffic.

StubHub is apparently already seeing over 20% of its transactions handled by Apple Pay, all from within the app. Expanding support for Apple’s mobile payment option will see even more growth, and should bring even more security for ticket buyers.

In addition to StubHub’s announcement and support, Major League Baseball (MLB) will support Apple Pay on the Web within Safari for iOS devices beginning this week as well.

Apple Pay on the Web was unveiled alongside macOS Sierra, and has been available in Safari in the desktop operating system ever since.

How often do you use Apple Pay on the Web?