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iTunes movie deals: $20 10-film bundles, The Terminator and Pulp Fiction under $5, and much more

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iFrogz Airtime review — a budget alternative to AirPods with sweat resistance, EQ & more

Apple & related news

10 new time-saving productivity gestures in iPadOS

Apple updates the MacBook Air & 13-inch MacBook Pro, lowers prices

Apple discontinues the 12-inch MacBook and the previous MacBook Air

Apple no longer offers a MacBook Pro with a physical Escape key

DigiTimes is claiming that Apple is removing 3D Touch from iPhones for good

Water resistant AirPods 3 rumored to launch in 2019

Benchmarks reveal base 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro boasts a significant speed boost


Pwn20wnd says Cydia works on iOS 13, but Substrate may require minor updates


The best weather apps for Apple TV

Apple brings back the classic Texas Hold’em iOS game


How to quickly cancel a payment you make with Apple Cash

How to have Safari automatically close all open tabs in iOS 13

How to stop Safari on Mac from automatically opening web downloads

Windows to Mac: getting used to new keys, names and locations

How to change where the downloaded Safari items are saved in iOS 13

Silencing unknown callers on iPhone in iOS 13

Creating an iMessage profile with a custom profile picture and display name in iOS 13

How to copy and paste pages between documents in Pages on Mac

How to quickly snooze Calendar alerts for longer than 15 minutes on Mac

How to mute notifications from email threads in Apple Mail on iOS 13


Wallpapers of the week: marbleized

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